Privacy Policy

Seisansha Chokubai Norenkai Co., Ltd. shall set the privacy policy as following

We build structure of personal information protection and we promote personal data protection by having all employees recognize the importance of personal information protection and thoroughly implementing measures.


We shall keep clients’ personal information accurate and up-to-date, take necessary measures such as maintenance of security system/arrangement of management system/thorough employee education etc. in order to prevent illegal access / loss / damage / tamper / leak of personal information and strictly manage personal information with security measures.

Usage objective

Personal information submitted by clients shall be used for sending email and material for contact from us, information of business and response to inquiry.

Prohibition of disclosure/supply to the third party

We shall manage personal information submitted by clients in proper manner and, except for case that corresponds to any of the following, shall not disclose personal information to the third party.

  • In case we have consent of client
  • In case we disclose to the contractor in order to provide service requested by the client
  • In case disclosure is required by law

Security measures

We implement security measure in order to protect accuracy and safety of personal information.

Identity verification

In case you request referral/correction/deletion of you personal information, we ask you for identity verification before handling the request.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We shall observe Japanese laws and other regulations related to personal information we possess and work on improvement of this policy appropriately.


Please contact the following address for inquiry regarding our personal information processing.

1-2-5 Kaminarimon, Taitoku, Tokyo 111-0034
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